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What we do

Audiology Services

We have well-experienced Audiologist with excellent experience, our own Hearing Aids laboratory that is operated by well-trained technicians and licensed specialist who are driven to provide the best service to our patients.

Occupational Therapy

Focuses on the treatment of people with physical, neurological or cognitive disabilities or problems, and helps them to improve their sensory abilities, gross and fine motor skills and increase their self-confidence to become more independent and able to engage in areas of life.


Conditions treated such as treatment for spinal problems (disc, spondylosis, scoliosis, Rehabilitation Pre, Post surgeries, sports injuries, fractures, hand up and foot problems, Rehabilitation of neurological and cerebrovascular injuries (stroke and spinal cord injuries) and others; and Pediatric Rehabilitation of physical and mental disabilities (cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and mental retardation).

Speech & Language Therapy

We offer rehabilitation of articulation, language and swallowing disorders according to international standards. The Goals of treatment enhance and improve the patient's ability to communicate near chronological Age, which in turn leads directly to improve the quality of life.

Who We Are

Quality care
from people who cares.

We, in Touch of Health will honor you with the most current standards of health care and highly driven medical team to create holistic healthcare experience that you deserve.

We are established since 2006 and located in Al Ain City, Abu Dhabi. In 2010, Touch of Health was bought and managed by The Health Medical Services LLC and later expanded its services to include other specialties to meet the growing demand for high-quality rehabilitation and therapy services.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Touch of Health’s vision is to develop the future of rehabilitative care and to improve the quality of health services in entire UAE community.

Together as a team, we are focus in one mission, to provide the highest quality medical care and rehabilitation services that ensures each patient achieves the maximum functional recovery.

Our main strength in Touch of Health is that each of our employees are engaged with our core values that guides our team to provide the best quality of our products and services to our patients such as Balance, Unity, Respect, Justice, Efficiency, Empowerment, Leadership and Happiness